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Latest news releases on Vincrex:

MDR1 Veterinary Fact Sheet - Buster Alert

MDR1 Veterinary Fact Sheet Download and print the MDR1 Problem Drug Info Sheet. The multi-drug resistance gene (MDR1) encodes P-glycoprotein, a protein that functions ...

Muscle Pain (Myalgia)

Muscle pain, also known as myalgia, can be described in two different ways: a deep, dull, and steady ache; a quick, random, and sharp ache; The pain may be focused in ...


Constipation means you're having bowel movements less frequently than normal. The stool can be hard and dry and may be difficult or painful to pass.

Risk-Adapted Chemotherapy in Treating Younger Patients ...

This partially randomized phase III trial studies the side effects of different combinations of risk-adapted chemotherapy regimens and how well they work in treating ...

Tarmvred - Sjukdomar

Tarmvred (Ileus) är helt eller delvis en icke-mekanisk blockering av tunn- och / eller tjocktarmen. Läs mer Tarmvred symptom, behandling, orsaker i vår databas ...

Risk-Based Therapy in Treating Younger Patients With Newly ...

This phase III trial studies the side effects and how well risk-based therapy works in treating younger patients with newly diagnosed liver cancer.

Ileus - symptoms, Definition, Description, Demographics ...

Demographics The total rate of bowel obstruction due both to mechanical and non-mechanical causes is one in 1,000 people. Meconium ileus accounts for 9 ...

Appendix I Materials for Clinical Application of LTFU ...

Appendix 1 Content Children’s Oncology Group Long-Term Follow-Up Guidelines for Survivors of Childhood, Adolescent, and Young Adult Cancers

R-Chop Chemotherapy: What to Expect - Healthline: Medical ...

R-CHOP chemotherapy is a combination of several cancer drugs. Learn more about what to expect from this therapy.

Neuropathy from Chemo: Remedies, Duration, and More

Neuropathy from chemo develops in 30 to 40 percent of those receiving chemotherapy. Here’s what to expect if you develop this side effect.

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