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Strengths available for Suprefact injection:

Suprefact injection 1mg/mL

Strengths available for Suprefact kit:

Suprefact kit 6.3mg/implant
Suprefact kit 9.45mg/implant

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Latest news releases on Suprefact:

Suprefact® - pro.medicin.dk

Prostatacancer . Voksne. 0,5 mg (0,5 ml) s.c. hver 8. time i 7 dage. Injektionsstedet bør varieres. Derpå skiftes til intranasal behandling.

Suprefact® - Min.medicin.dk

Suprefact® anvendes ved prostatakræft, hvor man ønsker at hæmme kroppens produktion af kønshormoner. Doseringsforslag Findes som injektionsvæske, der indsprøjtes under huden.

PRODUCT MONOGRAPH Injection 1 mg/mL Luteinizing Hormone ...

• SUPREFACT is contraindicated in patients with prostate cancer who do not present with hormone-dependent carcinoma and in patients who have undergone orchiectomy. • SUPREFACT is contraindicated in women who are pregnant. As with other LHRH agonists, it is not known whether SUPREFACT causes fetal abnormalities in humans. Women of

Suprefact® Depot, CHEPLAPHARM Arzneimittel GmbH ...

Suprefact Depot (för sjukvårdspersonal) Instruktionsfilmen för Suprefact Depot (för sjukvårdspersonal) är inte tillgänglig här. Klicka här om du önskar att filmen ska publiceras. Till startsidan

Suprefact Depot - Implantat für 3 Monate ...

Suprefact Depot darf nicht angewendet werden, wenn Sie allergisch gegen Buserelin, andere „LHRH-Analoga“ (z. B. Leuprolid, Goserelin, Triptorelin) oder einen der in Abschnitt 6. genannten sonstigen Bestandteile dieses Arzneimittels sind.

Suprefact - Uses, Side Effects, Interactions ...

Suprefact: Buserelin is a medication that has been designed to mimic the actions of natural gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH or LHRH), a hormone released from the hypothalamus gland in the brain.

Buserelin - Wikipedia

Buserelin, sold under the brand name Suprefact among others, is a medication which is used primarily in the treatment of prostate cancer and endometriosis. [3] [1] [2] It is also used for other indications such as the treatment of premenopausal breast cancer , uterine fibroids , and early puberty , in assisted reproduction for female infertility , and as a part of transgender hormone therapy .

Suprefact Injection - Summary of Product Characteristics ...

Suprefact Injection contains 1.00mg buserelin as buserelin acetate in 1ml aqueous solution. 1.00mg buserelin is equivalent to 1.05mg buserelin acetate. Suprefact Injection also contains 10mg benzyl alcohol in 1ml aqueous solution. For full list of excipients, see section 6.1

Suprefact® - apoteket

Suprefact® er et middel som påvirker de overordnede kønshormoner. GnRH-analoger mod prostatakræft. Virkning. Virker ved at hæmme kroppens egen produktion af overordnet kønshormon. Herved forhindres en for tidlig ægløsning og modning af æggene.

Suprefact - Utilisations, Effets secondaires, Interactions ...

Suprefact: La buséréline est un médicament qui a été conçu pour simuler les actions de la gonadolibérine (gn-RH ou LH-RH) naturelle, qui est une hormone libérée de l'hypothalamus, une glande du cerveau.

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